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In order to achieve a perfect look, women usually take a lot of time choosing their clothes and matching accessories. Aside from deciding on what bag to use or determining the right length of skirt, it is important for a woman to find the perfect undergarments to help make her look flawless.
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In the early days, the undergarments of choice were probably just bloomers or very long shorts underneath balloon skirts. Nowadays, there are a lot of types of panties to choose from. Despite the many choices, however, not all of them are comfortable and appropriate for you or your attire. So here are some of the types of lower undergarments that are available for women today.

Full Brief

If you are looking for both comfort and support, then nothing beats a full brief. Aside from covering the tummy, the full brief also makes sure that your butt is supported very well. If you are a full-figured woman, then you may also want to choose a full brief that is made of Lycra material or something that could help minimize the bulk a little bit. The only downside with this kind of panty is that it does not really look very flattering. In fact, in the movie (or book) Bridget Jones Diary, this type of undergarment is called a Granny Panty.

Low Waist

Since hipsters are very much in vogue nowadays, full briefs are not always appropriate. You do not want your panties to show when you bend or when you are wearing a midriff shirt. The most suitable type of panty for this kind of bottoms is the low-waist undergarment. However, if you have quite a protruding stomach, a low waist undergarment may not provide you with much support.


These days, tight fitting white jeans and skirts are becoming very popular. However, if you wear white pants, you do not want your panties to show. One type of undergarment that has become fashionable with tight white bottoms is the thong. This panty is just supported by strings and is very skimpy. If you have hemorrhoids, you would not want to wear thong at all.
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Bikini Bottom

Inspired by the swimwear, a bikini undergarment is both delicate and comfortable. The garter of this type of panty usually sits just below your waist so you can also use this for hipster jeans. A bikini bottom is definitely sexier than a Granny Panty.

High Leg

A variation of the full brief, a high leg panty has full tummy coverage but with a high cut on the thighs. This is comfortable, especially to those who have big thighs. Moreover, you would like a high leg panty if you are wearing tight jeans and skirt. Some call this Tanga, which is basically a string bikini with a bigger back support.

Boy Shorts

Another comfortable type of undergarment is the boy short. This is very much like biking pants. However, boy shorts have a more snug fit and they are not padded. Also, they have much shorter leggings. Boy shorts can be worn for any type of bottoms. However, most of this type of panty is low waist so you should not expect abs support from a boy short.

Aside from panties, an important undergarment is the bra. If you want to look curvy and shapely, you need to find a bra that is right for your cup size. There are also pads or gels that can be inserted inside brassieres to give you fuller and perkier breasts.

However, to achieve a sexier look, women with small breasts may need to find breast-enhancing products to help them make their chests bigger. One natural-based breast-augmenting topical cream that is a rave on the Internet is Clevastin. To know more about it, simply log on to


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