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Thierry Mugler, born 1948 in Strasbourg, France, is more than just a fashion designer. The designer is also a known photographer, and had some early training was as a ballet dancer. In 1970 he moved to Paris and worked as a window dresser, and designed clothes on the side. In 1973 he debuted his first collection, Cafe de Paris, and founded his own label for women two years later, and in 1978 he launched a collection for men.

Mugler, over the next two decades created a style that was very much of its time: it was strong, angular, and sometimes almost cruel. Shoulders were wide and padded; waists were wasp like. Prints were banished: Mugler"s clothes came in solid, dominating colors. Collars had exaggerated points, or flame like cutouts. The insect kingdom was a constant influence, as were the ladies and gentlemen of film noir. PVC was often used as his material for his runway pieces, used to create space and robot themes. 1984 marked the 10th anniversary of the creation of the house. The Fall/Winter of 1984 85 collection was presented in a mega show before 6,000 people at the Zenith in Paris. It was the first fashion show in France ever opened to the general public.

1997 Mugler developed a partnership with the French cosmetics and skincare company Clarins, the most renowned Thierry Mugler fragrances being Angel, which is also the most popular perfume in France. A Men, his first men"s fragrance was launched in 1997, and has also received much popularity. The Thierry Mugler company is now known best for its perfume division: the couture division was closed in 2003, and all Thierry Mugler ready to wear is now produced under license agreements, as is a line of eyewear. After seven years of fruitful partnership, confirmed in the success of the fragrances, the CLARINS group acquired a larger majority in Thierry Mugler Couture.

In the meantime, Mugler turned to other artistic interests. He published two books featuring his fashion designs and photography, controversially inspired by Stalinist propaganda: Thierry Mugler (1988) and Fashion Fetish Fantasy (1998). In 1992, Mugler directed the video for George Michael"s Too Funky, featuring a parade of Mugler fashions including the famous motorcycle dress. Of recent, Mugler join forces with Cirque du Soleil on its 2003 show "Zumanity" at the New York Hotel and Casino in Las Vegas. Notably, this is Cirque du Soleil"s first show for mature audiences.

Thierry Mugler enter into the universe of extraordinary luxury.

Being where no one expects you to be, being completely unpredictable these are strong values which are at the heart of the Thierry Mugler brand and refer to all the passion, the daring, the strive for perfection and a unique relationship with the public the brand strives to achieve. Far from short lived trends, Thierry Mugler"s creativity, animated by magnetism and sensuality, has always been present in his products, clothing lines and fragrances.

From childhood to art to the artist

Thierry Mugler was born in the cathedral"s shadow in Strasbourg, France. A rebellious child, he was often fascinated by the excessiveness of gothic architecture. His mind began to wander in a star studded imagination. At age 14, he joined the Rhine Opera ballet while taking courses at the School of Decorative Arts. At age 23, now in Paris, his allure and his style were shocking. He created logos, dressed store window displays and began designing clothing that he exhibited at Gudule, a very "in" spot for fashion in Paris. Working as a freelance clothing designer, he worked several years in Paris, London, Milan and Barcelona.

From stylish audacity to multifaceted talent

In 1973, Thierry Mugler created "Cafe de Paris", his first fashion line which was very urban, and very sophisticated. He renders homage to the "Parisian woman in the little black dress" and promotes once again, but in his own way, the suit and trench coat. In 1974, completely opposite the unstructured folk fashion trends, he created his own look, vindicating feminine elegance. With a revolutionary cut, he initiated a new silhouette which was highly stylized, anatomical and graphical which enhanced the feminine figure. A true visionary, Thierry Mugler innovated with shape and fabrics. He invented seduction and is called a "creator of shock" by the press. Fashion for him is like a daily "production" but one in which a woman fully reveals herself. Playing with leather, metal, even plastic, he sculpted and created a strong, liberated, conquering woman who is also sensual.

In 1978, Thierry Mugler reworked the classic masculine style and came up with a resolutely modern look, as excessive as his talent : functional, slender, anatomical.

In 1992, he created his first haute couture collection upon an invitation by the Haute Couture trade union. Each piece of clothing was conceived as a work of art. His fashion shows were put together to be like real theatrical shows; he was the designer and director. Everything was original, stupefying, phenomenal, never before seen. Models and artists mingled with celebrities and unexpected characters in a multiple universe, each show more extraordinary than the last : Le Zenith (1984 : 6000 spectators came to celebrate the brand"s 10 year anniversary), le Cirque d"Hiver (1995) He became one of those Creators of the 90"s who placed fashion on the same level as visual arts, as show business.

All throughout these years, he was passionate about photography and published his first book in 1988 « Thierry Mugler Photographer », followed in 1999 by a monograph called « Fashion Fetish Fantasy ». His area of expression: placing characters in a disproportionate universe. A poetic, graphical point of view of life and space.

An extraordinary director, he also produced short films, ads, and video clips. He created costumes for musicals, concerts, operas and the theatre (Macbeth for the Comedie Francaise). He"s worked with artists Robert Altman and George Michael.

1992, begins a new territory of expression with the birth of Angel, Thierry Mugler"s first fragrance. He became the exclusive photographer for Thierry Mugler Perfumes and shot all of the brand"s model visuals. This was the beginning of a series of high quality fragrances and after Angel came A

Men, B

Men and Cologne for Men, Innocent, Jardins d"Etoile for Her. The latest fragrance, Alien, debuted in 2005.

2002, Thierry Mugler moves away from fashion for other universes and leaves the creation of his ready to wear collections and accessories to his creative studio where young talented designers work for the Brand.

2004, La Maison THIERRY MUGLER moves to office space near the Paris Opera House, one of the largest theatres in the world built in 1860 and whose dome and gold statues served as amazing backdrops for fashion photos taken by the Creator himself with his masterpieces of yesterday which are writing the history of the Brand today.

With its impressive patrimony, the THIERRY MUGLER House lives on and offers an international clientele a universe of products and fashion accessories for men and women developed through licensing partnerships throughout the world. In 2005, Thomas Engelhart showed journalists his vision of the Mugler Man in the 21st century.

More than ever before, Thierry Mugler is focused on fragrance. A versatile artist, he worked with the prestigious Cirque du Soleil in 2003. He used his magic and created both the costumes and the characters for « Zumanity ». He directed one of the show"s paintings thereby participating in a new era of the circus: « the erotic cabaret».

A master enchanter on a daily basis, Thierry Mugler continues to research, imagine and create through photography and producing. He has produced commercials and ads for fragrances, published books, produced shows for music halls His creative spirit continually takes us on fabulous imaginary journeys

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