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INF217The crisp white shirts always looks immaculately fresh and stylish no matter what the occasion or season. Find one that works on your body and minimizes any areas that you wish to cover. Check out Stella McCartney for a crisp perfection. Wearing a white shirt with a pair of jeans is quite cool, laidback and can be sexy when worn the right way. Though you might be thinking "it"s just jeans with a shirt, what could go wrong", a lot could go wrong if you wear the wrong fitting jeans with a right shirt and vice versa. Remember inches of wrongs added together make up a yard of faux de pas.

Things to watch out for:
The shirt size: Make sure the shirt is your size in terms of neck width, arm length; this matters a lot, I see guys and girls with buttoned up sleeves looking like Popeye as the original arm length of their shirts are quite longer than their arms. Also watch out for the chest width (you can measure yourself with a tape rule to know your size) and length of the shirt. These measurements are usually indicated on the back pack of the shirt on purchase.

The fit: Some shirts are usually designed with darts making them slim fit, these are usually quite better to wear on jeans and even to tuck in compared to non slim fit ones that could give you that "superman"s cape blowing" look. If you happen to like one of your shirts so much and it"s not slim fit, you could take to a tailor you trust to measure and slim fit as you desire.

The fit for her: The shirts that would fit you most perfectly are those also tailored with your bust in mind, they usually come with darts across the chest area, just a little from the seams on both sides ,giving you room in the chest area and holding your tummy not too tightly but just right.

T.M Lewin or no T.M Lewin: We guys especially, caught the T.M Lewin craze at a time leading to some sharp styles and some really drooly ones. T.M Lewin shirts have categories; there are some that come with a long tail on the shirt e.g. the luxury and the royal category. The shirts with long tails were not designed to be worn on jeans, they are to be worn on pants and meant to be tucked in, imagine someone wearing a shirt that you can still see the tail through the legs from the front. Guess that"s why T.M Lewin has the John Francomb collection which looks better when worn on jeans as the tail is not that long.

Prints and Patterns: If you are a short girl or guy, avoid wearing shirts with big patterns on them i.e. big boxes, large stripes, big checks etcetera, as these will make you look smaller. Just in case you are tall, try not to wear shirts with small prints or small patterns except you want to look taller.

Blazer factor: If the shirt is quite big for you, to wear a blazer on it might be a problem, as the shirt would crumple up at the armhole (except the blazer too is not your size) and at the neck.

That underwear white t shirt (Guys only): The era of wearing a BYC white t shirt as underwear is quite out dated now, reason? The collar is too wide for underwear as it holds up to your neck and does not even make that 18 carat gold chain your girlfriend bought you show (Do not ever wear a chain over your underwear white t shirt that holds up to your neck and do not ask me why). Try some of these underwear white t shirts with very thin collars and wide neck area, Marks & Spencer does some nice ones (they come like three in a pack). Remember, whatever white t shirt you choose to wear under your shirt must not be too thick or else, you are going to smell!

The Shirt"s collar: It"s important your shirt"s collar stays standing and sharp. Do not squeeze the collar when you wash your shirts, find a soft brush to wash the collar and remove the collar bones before every wash and put them back after ironing. Speaking of ironing, always iron your shirts with starch spray application. The starch spray makes the shirt"s fabric last longer giving an overall better appearance to your shirt. I am not talking about cold water or hot water starch, I am talking starch spray; it works wonders.

Skin tone and Colour: Any day, anytime, I think I would rather have "You look good" compliment than "Your shirt is fine". Reason? The latter suggests that without the shirt I probably would not be fine. Guess it"s a matter of one"s skin tone and the colours that suit it. To make it very simple; if you are quite dark, avoid sharp colours like red, shades of blue e.g. navy blue (You can wear tints of blue i.e light variations of blue), try colours like grey, sky blue, tints of brown e.g. sand. If you are very fair with a black hairline, wear colours like red, blue etcetera.

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Wyclef Jean cool in shirt and jeansVery chictucked in shirt on jeansBeyonce in shirt and jeans looking chic!

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