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Yes, the summer is here and you can hear the sun, the pool, vacation, the beach calling. And the bathing suit, that swimsuit, the bikini maybe. But are you ready? You are online, you have teed up the famous site with all hot 2009 swimsuits but can you pull the trigger? The choices are amazing. All of them tempting! You might be looking at that strapless white bikini and you are smitten yet there is something really alluring about the black booty halter bikini right next to it. And yet still you see the chocolate dip one piece and think that it is so sensible yet so incredibly sexy. Choices, choices. What to do?

Hint #1: Take a really good, long honest look at yourself in the mirror. Be clinical about it. The more honestly you look at yourself the better you will understand what you need n a bikini or other swimsuit to look your very best and to be comfortable with the choices you make. This is your canvass upon which you will create your work of swimsuit fashion. Ready?

Hint # 2: If you have a little more in the bust department than the average person, you will want to consider underwire bikini top. This will provide the necessary support and comfort that you need. Remember to select the right size - you don"t want to be spilling out your top inappropriately now do you?

Hint #3: If when you look in the mirror you are not altogether happy with the figure that you see, and you have to pull the trigger and make your purchase now, you might want to consider one-piece swimsuit. Some one-piece swimsuits are also specifically created as body shapers. One-piece bathing suits will provide a little more cover-up for some of those imperfections you see, do some body shaping for you and still look very classy and sexy.

Hint #4: Colors. Because of the time of year, the venues and reasons we wear them, swimsuits tend to be brightly colored. They come in solids, prints, polka dots, etc, etc. Beware of over reaching with colors and looking garish. When in doubt, opt for an understated solid.

Hint #5: To skirt or not to skirt? There are those who advise that a skirted swimsuit will help hide a few extra pounds. No argument here for the most part except to advise caution when opting for skirted bathing suits. The risk is that skirted suits will sometimes accentuate rather than hide the extra weight. Exercise caution when picking one. Be sure that it truly serves the purpose for which you are selecting it.

Hint #6: Sizing is important. Be honest with yourself. You want to fit IN the swimsuit and not force the swimsuit to fight to contain you. Remember, you not only want a bathing suit that look flattering, you also want one that is comfortable to wear and shows off the quality design, and fabric you have paid for.

Whether you want bikini, a one-piece swimsuits, petite swimsuit, a micro bikini, a sheer swimsuit, you will want to make sure that you are selecting the best bathing suit for you.

Final Word: If this was a painful process this time, let it be the last time you have to struggle to fit or select a swimsuit because you are carrying a little more weight than you should. Start working on the next season. Exercise regularly, eat sensibly, set and work to attain reasonable weight loss goals. Winning teams don"t wait for the season to start to get ready. Neither should you.

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