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INF55A fitted jacket or blazer will keep you warm and also act a perfect accompaniment to many outfit. Perfect for the office over your dress trousers and blouse, over jeans and white tee for a catch up with your girlfriends or over a little black dress for a hot date. A well cut blazer adds an instant hit of sophistication to any look, think Chanel tweed jacket!

The blazers are lightweight jackets with a collar and lapels and they can come in a large number of different colors, patterns as well as styles. Blazers are appropriate for formal occasions and they are very much liked and often purchased. They are typically a part of a suit that consists of three parts that is worn as business wear but you can also put on a blazer for a casual occasion and look very classy. Moreover, both men and women can wear blazers with the same effect.

A double-breasted blazer

The double-breasted blazers are the most formal ones and resemble a lot the first blazers that the military used back in the 17th century. There are two rows of buttons on the front of such a blazer and the flaps are broad and overlapping so that the buttons can be put on them and used for closing the blazer. There are usually only one or two pairs of the buttons which are used and the rest are put for decorative purposes. Many fashion experts have agreed that the double-breasted blazers are the best piece of formal wear to make a man look stylish and classy.

A single-breasted blazer

Single-breasted blazers are a lot more popular than the double-breasted ones. It is also very common for suits made up of three parts but it can also be seen as part of some tuxedos. This is a sport coat that has only one row of buttons on the front to close it. Most single-breasted blazers come in colors such as brown, black or navy blue and sometimes they can also feature pinstripes. The trousers you put with such a blazer should match it well.

Blazers for women

The blazers for women have been created to resemble a lot the blazers for men and they are modeled after them. However, there is often a feminine touch that can be oversized buttons for decorative purposes or colors that are not suitable for men and floral patterns on the blazer. There are some blazers for women that are created to look formal and can be worn as part of a tailored business suit while others are a lot more casual and look more feminine. Such casual women"s blazers can be worn every day with jeans, dresses, shorts and skirts. However, black blazers are still the most wanted ones since they can be paired up with anything and look great for both formal and casual occasions. This means that women make no exception and stick to the classic colors too in most cases even though there are many different women"s blazers.

Casual blazers
If you wear a casual blazer with less formal clothes it is going to give you a more professional look. You can wear such a blazer to semi-formal occasions such as a barbeque with your co-workers or when you go to a fine restaurant or a night club. The casual blazers are from the single-breasted type and can be made from different fabrics and have different colors.

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