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It all started in 1975 with a little bit of disco and a whole lot of polyester. That was the year Fashion Designer Ron Chereskin entered the menswear market with a line of neckwear and disco shirts based on his drawings and illustrations. Today, nearly 25 years later, Ron continues to be one of the truly distinctive voices in the world of men"s fashion, as he endeavors to translate his artistic vision and talent into clothes that men can not only wear, but live in.

Even before there was fashion, for Ron, there has always been art. He began his career as a freelance illustrator, quickly rising in prominence by producing award winning magazine covers, as well as commissioned paintings and illustrations. In fact, one of his illustrative works is on permanent display in the Library of the House of Representatives in Washington, D. C.

Seeing the world through an artist"s eye, Ron strongly believed that art could be infused into the most ordinary of life"s functions and objects. Armed with this enlightened perspective, Ron joined forces with a number of manufacturers to apply his concept to a variety of products, including paper and home furnishings. It did not take long for retailers and consumers to take notice. As his reputation grew, he eagerly accepted an invitation to create new designs for ties. Then, of course, came the infamous disco shirts. Since then, he"s never looked back.

Ron dedicated himself to dressing men, drawing limitless amounts of inspiration from his desire to inject energy, style and comfort to the, then, staid, monotonous and overly constructed men"s apparel market. Nowhere did he better marry the concepts of comfort and style then in his revolutionary cotton sweater. Retailers first balked at the idea of offering men cotton sweaters in dusty muted pastel tones, but the consumers soon vindicated Ron by making his sweaters nationwide best sellers. For combining innovative applications of cotton fiber with beautiful textures, patterns and a breadth of color an approach that would become Ron"s trademark he received both the Coty and Cutty. Sark awards for understanding sportswear design.

A prolific designer with an entrepreneurial spirit, Ron has also carved a niche for himself as a pioneer of the licensing and main floor designer arenas, where fashion and commerce meet. He currently licenses sportswear, activewear, sweaters, tailored clothing, underwear, trousers, outerwear, neckwear and hosiery. In addition, Ron has developed Chereskin Studio, a collection of better sportswear which received universally glowing reviews for its Fall 1999 press only debut. Commencing with the Fall 2000 season, the line will be marked to better department and specialty stores nationwide.

A fashion force still is bloom. Ron continues to redefine the essence of men"s sportswear by seeing color, fabric and silhouette in unique ways. As a native New Yorker, he continue to find his muse in everyday life. That is why you will find him enthusiastically browsing through flee markets, walking through parks, studying architecture, talking with local artisans and generally, absorbing the pulses and rhythms of the city life.

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