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Rebecca Moses was one of the first American designers to enter the European market in the early "90s. She not only witnessed the globalization of design, but also played an important role in bringing down the boundaries of fashion and lifestyle, gaining international recognition by breathing life into two dusty old Italian companies that desperately needed repositioning and creating a luxury house under her own label. Moses established a newly refined paradigm of international style in all three companies, inspired by the diversity of the American spirit and a
true respect for European tradition and craftsmanship. When you see Moses, you see an American abroad, grounded in the Italian artisanal tradition, reported Andre Leon Tally in American Vogue.

Her international approach to design is not surprising. Moses thought globally well before it became the mantra of the large luxury goods conglomerates. She began traveling for her design work at the age of 20, spending significant time in Europe, Asia and the mid East. Her discerning eye, refined taste and sensibility were nurtured and cultivated as she sourced and manufactured in these distant locations, immediately captivating the attention of fashion"s elite players from press and retail, all of whom championed her talent, grace and personal style. Today, she is still one of the most well liked and well respected designers on the international scene.

In many ways, Rebecca Moses is the quintessential poster girl for modern luxury and modern glamour. The transplanted American, who grew up in northern New Jersey and graduated from New York"s Fashion Institute of Technology, resides in the Piedmonte region of Italy with her husband and two sons. She has an indefatigable appetite for work, family and pleasure, going about it all with an almost indefinable charisma, elegance and individuality. Blending the old with the new, the modern with the traditional, the east with the west is seamless. Moses" welcoming vision of life (WWD) is deeply rooted in her uncanny ability to transform the mundane into the magical, the ordinary into the extraordinary, and to make even the simplest of concepts luxurious. Her work has evolved to reflect a style of dressing and of living that is fundamentally built on comfort, color and practicality, and creating it in luxurious materials that endure, feel incredible, and reflect a sense of timelessness.

For Spring 2010, Rebecca Moses is delivering that same sensibility at more affordable prices with a complete collection of fashion called, Rebecca Moses Heart Soul Style, a license with the Oxford division of Li & Fung Limited, which will retail for $29 to $399 which is being sold at Bloomingdale"s, Macy"s and other fine department stores. This is her second license with Li & Fung, which produces a home, gift and tabletop collection under the same label. Another collection, Rebecca Moses Style Journey, launches on HSN this May. A Life of Style, her first book, completely illustrated and written by the designer, will be published September 2010 by TheMonacelli Press, the art and design imprint of Random House.

Fall 2010 also has the launch of an exclusive collection of fashion for Neiman Marcus under her

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