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INF4264l, are you intelligent, funny with a fab personality and an eye for the newest fashion trends but need a little help pulling it all together? Look no further, here are some tips on pulling together the right look.

Your personal style speaks volumes about who you are so let"s not blow it after you"ve spent your hard earned money on the latest new trends!

The key to putting together a great outfit is risky and simple. The rule of thumb is balance and "less is more."

Choose one "wow" item and build around it. For example, if you have this absolutely fabulous piece of jewelry that you mush show off, try wearing it with a simple black dress. Black flatters just about all figures without overwhelming the look of your jewelry.

Want to show off your new elaborately stitched jeans? A solid shirt paired with heels works well with decorated jeans. If the design on the jeans is too busy the shirt will tone it down some.

How about those new bright pink pumps? You can"t go wrong by complimenting the shoes with a pair of solid black jeans and white shirt. Black jeans and solid colored shirt matches well with any brightly colored pumps.

And what about those gold sequin flats that you just couldn"t pass up? Petal-pushers and a simple shirt are ideal compliments for your golden feet.

The key is to pick one item and build around it. Don"t just stick with one look. Be glamour one day and urban the next.

Take the time to educate yourself on different styles. Learn how to draw inspiration from your favorite looks of past eras.

Fashion is about confidence. If you feel great in an outfit, others will feel your vibes. And if you don"t feel confident, fake it! Whether you are 18 or 50, take pride in your appearance and it"s important to feel comfortable in your style.

Bridget Allen

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