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Fashion Designers The Cerruti brothers established in 1881 a textile company in Biella, Northern Italy, an area renowned for the the high quality wool industry. Nino Cerruti was born in 1930, as the son of one of the founders. In 1950, he became head of the family woolen business. Drawing from his experience in producing excellent fabrics, Cerruti ventured into the production of clothing in the late 60s. His first men"s collection was shown in 1967 and was considered a revolution in men"s wear at the time.

The first boutique opened in 1967 on Rue Royale in Paris, where Cerruti moved the head of the buisness to, in order to be closer to the international fashion capital. The fabric production under the name of Lanificio Cerruti remained in Italy, while the fashion house is called Cerruti 1881. In 1976 Cerruti added a women"s line to the successful men"s wear business.

Today, the firm is known for its classic wool suits, always trying to match the everyday challenges for its owner. In Spring 1996, the young talent Narcisso Rodriguez became head of design at Cerruti. Appointing young and promising names for the design position of well established brands, seems to be en vogue in the fashion business since the outstanding success which Tom Ford created for Gucci. But surprisingly, Rodriguez was replaced in mid 1997 by the Greek American Peter Speliopoulos, who worked for Donna Karan before.

Cerruti is well known for furnishing the movie industry. The most renowned film appearence of Cerruti designs can be found in the Hollywood blockbuster Pretty Woman&qout;. Here, Richard Gere and Julia Roberts wear Cerruti fashions.

Selected Lines
Cerruti Couture
Arte (exclusive apparel)
Cerruti 1881
Cerruti 1881 Sport
Cerruti Jeans
Cerruti Brothers (bridge line), since 1996

Fratelli Cerruti is a familly owned company (as the name indicates: Cerruti Brothers). The Cerruti group comprises the design house Cerruti 1881, based in Paris, France, the fabric producer Lanificio Cerrutti, from Biella, Italy, and the apparel company Hitman, in Corsio, Italy. For 1999, the company plans to be listed at the Milan stock market. To prepare for this, the management is now led by Aurelio Giorgini, assisted by the Nino Cerruti as coordinator of product design.

In 1995, total sales of the group were at about 767 billion Lira ($472 million). The Hitman and Lanificio Cerruti turnover was about 100 billion Lira ($61 million), respectively. Around 65% of the Cerruti sales were achieved with retailing activities. While today, 60% of sales are made in Asia, 30% in Europe, and only 10% in the U.S., it is planned to reduce Asian sales for the benefit of the North American business. In the U.S., up to now only Cerruti Jeans was sold successfully.

It is said that there are about 1500 retailers carrying Cerruti clothes worldwide. There are 10 franchise stores today selling exclusively Cerruti merchandise and 300 corners are exclusively devoted to the brand. Cerruti has a flagship store in Paris since 1967. Next to this store the company has fully owned Cerruti boutiques in Tokio, London, Munich and recently opened one on Via della Spiga in Milan, Italy. Cerruti plan to open up another flagship store in New York in 1998 to boost U.S. sales.

Production/ Licenses
The Cerruti name is used to license over 60 products. The major Italian textile company Gruppo Gft produces since 1996 in license the new line Cerruti Brothers for men and women. The women clothing line Cerruti 1881 is produced by the German ESCADA affiliate Kemper. Men"s clothes are produced by Hitman. For the first time, Cerruti plan to introduce the production of textiles for women"s clothes in the Lanificio Cerruti plant, which used to cater only for the Cerruti men"s wear production and other men"s wear producers like Hugo Boss, Gruppo GFT, or Canali.

Additonal Background:
It all started in 1881, when Nino Cerruti"s grandfather founded the Lanificio Fratelli Cerruti at Biella in the Piedmont region between Milan and Turin. Nino took over the reins of the family business in 1950 before his twentieth birthday. Yet this was the start of the Cerruti saga.

After modernizing the Biella weaving shops, in 1957 he launched a ready to wear men"s collection, produced at the Hitman factory near Milan. A veritable revolution which paved the way for men"s luxury ready to wear.

In 1967 Nino Cerruti took on a new dimension by creating his fashion house in Paris : a prestigious address which was to house both the boutique and the company"s head office. This expansion led him to develop in 1976 a line dedicated entirely to women"s wear.
Two years later, he entered the closed shop of the fragrance business with the Men fragrance Nino Cerruti
The huge success of the fragrance hailed the house of Cerruti as one of the leading perfume designers of our times.
The 80"s saw the arrival of the very well received sportswear line. Cerruti was among the first designers to sponsor sports celebrities in becoming the exclusive designer of the Formule 1 Ferrari team.
In 1986, he designed the Cerruti Brothers collection, all a range of leisure wear for all those who wish to look elegant yet remain relaxed and comfortable.. This heralded the Casual chic style of which Nino was truly the initiator.
In 1990 he launched the second fragrance for Men Cerruti 1881 followed in 1995 by the arrival of the second Cerruti 1881 Women"s fragrance . The same year, the Cerruti Jeans line brings a whole new dimension to the formal world of denims.
Cerruti took on a new dimensio by creating in 1996 the Arte line of Men"s and Women"s wear and by opening the Cerruti store in Milan.
The perfume"s market gets bigger with the launching of the new fragrance for Men Cerruti Image in 1998, as well as the Eastern bloc"s market with the opening of the first store in Moscow the same year.
One year later, a Cerruti Boutique is opened on Madison Avenue in New York.

The new milllenium starts with success with at first the opening of a Cerruti boutique in Hong Kong, and with the worldwide launching of the Cerruti Image fragrance for Women.
The great expansion of the Cerruti Jeans Collection enables the opening of four stores in Paris, Saint Tropez, Antibes and Munich

Activities and Brands

Deluxe Men and Women"s ready to wear

Men and Women"s ready to wear Collection

CERRUTI 1881 Accessories:
For Men and Women : Eyewear, shoes, ties, leathergoods

Jeans and casualwear"s collection for Men and Women

Men"s ready to wear, adapted, realized and distributed exclusively for China, Hong Kong, Taiwan and Japon.

Two lines :CERRUTI 1881 and CERRUTI IMAGE Declined in two versions, one for Men and one for Women.

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