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Nina Ricci, Fashion Designer

Founded in Paris in 1932 by Madame Ricci and her son Robert Ricci, NINA RICCI has become in the space of half a century a prestigious name in the French luxury goods industry. In 1932
Madame Ricci arrived in Paris from Turin as a young girl, and was 49 years old when her only son Robert convinced her to set up her own Haute Couture House. Success was rapid for this remarkable dress architect : the 40 seamstresses working in a building at 20 rue des Capucines had increased to 450 at the outbreak of war.

Wishing to diversify the Couture House"s operations, whilst also expressing his own sensibilities, Robert Ricci launched his first perfume Coeur Joie. Enclosed in a frosted crystal bottle made by Marc Lalique and illustrated by the artist Christian Berard, this bouquet of sweet smelling flowers immediately set NINA RICCI in a class of its own in the world of artistic and creative perfumery.

Two years later, Robert Ricci created L"Air du Temps, a magical fragrance that was to become one of French perfumery"s great classics.


The arrival of young designers engaged by Madame Ricci brought new impetus to the Couture House. In 1959, NINA RICCI acquired international renown with the success of Jules Francois Crahay"s collection, consolidated some years later by Gerard Pipart who took over the Haute Couture studio in 1964.

Taking advantage of NINA RICCI"s growing reputation overseas, L"Air du Temps was introduced on major world markets, in particular Japan and the United States.

Madame Nina Ricci passed away on the 30 November, aged 87.

PARFUMS NINA RICCI developed rapidly during the 1970"s to become one of France"s leading exporters. To cope with this expansion, NINA RICCI decided to build the Ury Perfume Production Centre, which was operational for the launch of Farouche in 1974. This model factory, combining advanced technology with traditional perfumery methods, has since then assured worldwide production of all NINA RICCI perfumes.

NINA RICCI moved from the Rue des Capucines of its humble beginnings to the Avenue Montaigne, in one of Paris"s most prestigious quarters.

NINA RICCI"s head office incorporating five floors of offices, design studios and workrooms, boutiques, salons and several showrooms, thus became the strategic base of a company whose operations developed to cover ready to wear, leather goods and fashion accessories scarves, glasses, jewellery,

With the opening of the Ricci Club men"s boutique, NINA RICCI developed a new centre of interest. The launch of the men"s eau de toilette Ricci Club in 1989, followed by the NINA RICCI Monsieur men"s lines soon produced results for this new activity.

NINA RICCI undertook a major diversification with the creation of its first cosmetic line Le Teint Ricci.
Developed with the help of Research Laboratories, with packaging designed by Garouste and Bonetti, Le Teint Ricci offered a new approach to beauty, resolutely placed under the sign of innovation and pleasure.

Two new perfumes followed this launch : Deci Dela in 1994, then in 1996, Les Belles de Ricci, an impertient Eau de Toilette perfect for 15 20 year olds.

New designers joigned the fashion house including Christian Astuguevieille entrusted with the development of the Leather Goods.

NINA RICCI has experienced a very eventful year as 1998 has been dedicated to L"Air du Temps which celebrated its 50th Anniversary. Anniversary to which the entire house has contributed with numerous creations : new bottles, new advertising campaign, accessories

A new era is beginning for NINA RICCI : new style, new projects the NINA RICCI style imagined by Nathalie Gervais defined the delicate universe of a brand which is subtly sensual, simple yet sublimeThere are now 3 Belles : Liberte Acidulee, Amour d"Amandier and Delices d"Epices.

The arrival of a new signature on the female fragrance front, symbolizing the evolution of the brand. Premier Jour is the first born of the new Ricci era. Its name, its purpose and its image make it an act of faith, just as L"Air du Temps was at its inception.

Fortified by the success to the launch of Premier Jour, Nina Ricci is writing a new chapter in fragrance, to establish its legitimacy as a perfumer for men. Nina Ricci is asserting again the brand territory around its first values. [MEMOIRE D"HOMME] is a great men"s classic whose mission is to match the ideas and aesthetics of its time.

Beauty and Pret a Porter de Peau. Ten years later, a new concept of the cosmetic is born. Nina Ricci is presenting its new range of makeup and skin care, constructed like a collection, under the label Pret a Porter de Peau, Ready to wear for the skin

Appointment of Lars Nilsson as Creative Director in order to inject further youth and femininity.

Activities and Brands

Ready to Wear, Leather goods and Fashion Accessories, Lingerie, Men"s lines

Perfumes for Ladies
Cur Joie, L"Air du Temps, Capricci, Farouche, Fleur de Fleurs, Nina, Deci Dela, Les Belles de Ricci, Premier Jour.
Perfumes for men
Signoricci, Ricci Club

Beauty Le Teint Ricci, Skin care and make up line.

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