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As a child, Marc Bouwer was fascinated by the movies and the beautiful women of Hollywood. Little did he know that decades later, as a cele brated American couturier, his designs would set a thousand red carpet cameras flashing. Shortly after arriving in NYC, he met fashion leg end Halston. What happened next may have been Marc"s own first Hollywood moment: I think you got something, kid! "were the legend"s memorable words after seeing Marc"s portfolio. On cue, Halston offered him a job and the young designer"s future began to unfold. Under Halston, Marc refined his skills, becoming a master draper. Draping soon became the hallmark of Bouwer"s career a dis tinction later dubbed athletic glamour "by indus try purveyors and international press

Marc"s innate sensibility, keen eye, and undeni able talent have landed him on the pages of re vered international fashion publications and into the hearts of the world"s most glamorous and watched women. In addition to a roster of cele brated runway reviews and feature articles, Marc Bouwer Couture has graced the cover of Harper"s Bazaar, Oprah, Cosmopolitan, Instyle, Vanity Fair, Glamour and more

The Marc Bouwer Couture collection is cut and made by hand, one to two pieces at a time. The extraordinary fabrics with which Marc creates his distinctive, form fitting bathing suit gowns "in clude uniquely modern combinations of sensuous jersey, cashmere, silk crepe, lace, and velvet with detailed beading. Marc has dubbed his designs Bouwer is a man of principal with a rebel spirit and charismatic presence. In 2002, Marc made fashion history when he presented a collection made completely free of animal products. PETA sponsored the Mercedes Benz Fashion Week show and the recognition helped secure his cult follow ing in politically correct Hollywood. Bouwer fa mously remarked, Fur belongs on an animal, not on a hanger. "A PETA Humanitarian Award soon followed as the designer"s fans in each industry rallied behind his strong beliefs. Marc believes that with the technology available today to create so many variations of fabric, it is just irrespon sible to wear fur. " Long before red carpet dressing was a sport, Marc Bouwer attracted starlets the old fashioned way he earned their respect with his unprecedented American design by draping fresh, sexy looks in technologically advanced fabrics

Throughout his career, Marc has worked with a dream list of clientele, notables include Angelina Jolie, Angie Harmon, Beyonce Knowles, Charlize Theron, Emily Blunt, Eva Longoria, Halle Berry, Hayden Panettiere, Heidi Klum, Ivanka Trump, Jennifer Lopez, Julianne Moore, Mariah Carey, Nicolette Sheridan, Oprah Winfrey, Paris Hilton, Petra Nemcova, Portia Di Rossi, Sarah Jessica Parker, Sigourney Weaver, Shania Twain, Vanessa Hudgens, and many more. Marc Bouwer Couture continues to deliver glam our and sophistication to the red carpet while re defining great American design.

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