Making Your Color Choices Work For You

In fashion as in art, there are two ways to combine colors. The base is the color wheel, but not only, to avoid the fashion faux pas, one must consider two equally important parameters: the shades and contrast.

- The color wheel is the gradient of colors. Primary colors: blue, magenta, yellow. Secondary colors: green, orange and purple as a result of mixing three primary colors. Tertiary colors: purple, scarlet, indigo, turquoise, chartreuse green, gold.
- The color contrast is up to combine two opposite colors on the color wheel. Associate them: it's risky!
- The cameo is a very close association of colors like beige and ecru for example.

Colours: basic rules

The color is not an easy task, color is wrong and your whole outfit that has to be redone. A few golden rules to be observed for a set with no false notes:
-Balance the silhouette through the colors. It is generally a dominant color that accompany and illuminate the other.
- Avoid wearing more than three different colors to avoid an effect clown and "draft". Kill too many colors color!

- The addition of a complementary color can temper color.
- Black and white are considered colors. They are not very present in nature in its purest form. It is easy to associate them with any color.
- The gray, very neutral, also agrees with many colors. Cool, very in this winter so here we go!
- Focus always darker colors for the bottom, light colors tend to grow. Jeans, skirts, shorts, harem full of models are available. The trick is to choose a color in shades of crude or black high heels and hop the top is up to you!
- The brighter colors, clearer, even flashy, are ideal for the top. They light up the place and face.
Accessories and shoes can be in color.

And yes, we will not stop to tell you, if you're dressed all in black, let go of you completely on your accessories. In the evening, little black dress accessories and flashy evening's hyper trendy! Bag, shoes, jewelry, belt: dare they tell you!

The color combinations that enhance your skin tone

You have a dark complexion and brown hair, you will opt instead for mixtures:
- Pink and orange
- Red and Black
- Parma and almond green
- Green and beige
- Prune and beige
- Red and gray

You have a pale complexion and dark hair or dark brown, you will opt instead for mixtures:
- Beige and white
- Navy blue and beige


About the Editor

By Courtney Lynne I am an analyst by profession and trend researching is my passion. I also loves to share my knowledge. Get me on Google + and Twitter Find us on Google+

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