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Gerolamo Gimmo Etro, Fashion Designer

Gerolamo Etro (Gimmo) founded the company in 1968. He and his children Jacopo, Kean, Ippolito and Veronica run the family business today.
A consummate traveler and connoisseur of beauty, he discovered the Paisley decoration during one of his journeys to India, and from that moment on, the paisley pattern became a brand symbol.
Gimmo"s great love of culture brought him to collect ancient books and keep them in a splendid library, to introduce art into the textile world and to invent a new way to decorate fabrics with splendid details: Etro"s never ending quest in a voyage amidst innovation, tradition and beauty.


Gimmo"s first child.
A love of textiles was passed on from father to son, and is the reason why Jacopo joined the company as Textile Manager.
Something else that Jacopo and his father share is a great love of culture, with a penchant for the latest trends in cinema, art and literature.
Jacopo is in charge of the fabrics division and personally supervises the Home Collection and leather goods collections.

The word designer is much too restrictive for him, and that"s the only way it could be for Etro"s creative soul. Kean would rather be compared to an imp , a magical creature that discovers and unearths new ideas.
Kean joined the company at the end of his university studies, bringing with him a breath of fresh air and innovation. After supervising the launch of the perfume line, Kean became the manager of the men"s fashion collection in 1990 and masterminded that particular surge of creativity, transforming the brand that he had already developed step by step in the past. The events created by Kean always make headlines, his ideas are astonishing, and infinite cultural links create an invisible yet r real thread between fashion and art.

The third child in the Etro family.
After earning a degree in biology, his love of science was replaced by a new and exciting attraction for the world of business. After completing a post graduate course in Economics, Ippolito rejoined the company and became its Director of Administration. Collections or hobbies? For the time being, Ippolito is focusing on Etro"s financial management and spends his free time with his family.

Gimmo Etro"s youngest child.
Veronica joined the company in 1997 after completing her studies in London. She created her personal style and gained professional experience during her training and apprenticeship with internationally renowned designers. She loves photography and participated in the Photographers Gallery Annual Exhibition in London. Today she is in charge of the women"s fashion collection, where she gives full rein to her creative skills and unique taste. Veronica, like the other members of the Etro family, adores traveling, all forms of culture, photography and modern art.

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