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Fashion Designer Franco Moschino (1950 1994), born near Milan, Italy. Having studied art in school, he began his career in 1971 as a sketcher for Giorgio Armani, with whom he continued for the next 11 years. During this time, he contributed to the Armani collections for Beged"Or and Genny. He also worked at Cadette, an Italian company, beginning in 1976. He launched his own company, Moonshadow S.p.A., in 1983.

Moschino was charismatic, imaginative, and irreverent and was interested in pop culture. He was a whimsical designer, who rebelled against the fashion industry (Ready to Where?) and was therefore embarrassed by his own success.

His disrepect for the established fashion business lead to several copyright battles with other fashion houses, including Louis Vuitton and on serveral occasions Chanel. He was once sued by the House of Chanel for spoofing their perfume on a tee shirt, which showed a television set with the words,Channel No. 5.

Until today a part of the Moschino profits is devoted to a non profit organisation founded by Franco Moschino. This organisation uses its assets to support various charity projects.

Since his early death, Moschino"s Milan based company has been directed by Rosella Jardini.

Selected Products
Moschino Couture
Cheap and Chic, since 1988
Moschino Jeans (denim)

The Moonshadow S.p.A. holds the rights for the Moschino brand and functions as the creative think tank for it. A majority of the Moonshadow assets is held by the Italian apparel manufacturer Aeffe S.p.A., San Giovanni in Marignano (Rimini), Italy (owned by Massimo and Alberta Ferreti).

In 1994, total sales were at 386 billion Lira ($238 million), which describes an increase of 17% to the year before. Seven years before, in 1987, sales were around 76 billion Lira ($48 million). 1987, 19% alone were achieved with Moschino jeanswear. 55% of the Moschino sales were earned through exports. Biggest export markets are France and Germany in Europe and the US and Asia outside of Europe.

In 1994, Moschino products were sold at about 3700 points of sale. Based on this number, 37% of retailers stocked women"s jeans and about 22% men"s jeans, which appear to be the most important product segment for Moonshadow.

Production/ Licenses
Moschino has no own production. All production is covered by a total of 22 license agreements. While jeans used to be produced by the Armani affiliate Simint, they are now produced in license by Sportswear International, Vicenza, Italy. Couture and Cheap & Chic are manufactured in license by the Aeffe S.p.A.

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