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Choosing the right designer jeans for yourself is very important, as you are going to live with your choice for quite long. Jeans are something that can completely change the way you look so use your judgment before you purchase women"s designer jeans.

Women"s designer jeans are not only extremely comfortable, but also extremely stylish. They are quite different from the cheaper, generic variety of jeans that you come across. Style, treatment, quality of denim, the stitch everything is superior when it comes to designer jeans.

Though it is true that a good quality of designer jeans will cost you much more than a regular variety, the expenditure is worth it. The designer jeans know how to flatter your figure and make you look slimmer and sexier.

Know your size. If you are shopping online for your designer jeans, make sure that you know your waist size. You do not want to end up with something that is going to make you look bulky, or out of shape. If you are buying jeans from the store itself, this is great, because you will be able to try on as many jeans as you want, before making decision.

Also, remember that a number of designer jeans now come in 3 hip sizes, for the same waist size. After all, not all women have the same hip, even if they have the same waist size. Keeping this factor in mind, some of the women"s designer jeans now offer more choices when it comes to the size and the fit.

Know what works for your body. Once you have decided on the special look of your designer jeans, you will have to choose the right style and size that gives you the best fit.

A number of women"s designer jeans come in stretch denim material. This material allows a lot of comfort and also flatters your figure and gives you a sleek look. Most designer jeans have embellishments or embroideries or studded crystals and paintings. These can often act as focal points on your jeans, that can help to accentuate special area, or even take away the attention from problem areas.

If you are a woman gifted with a good height, you can carry off most styles, including flares and boot cuts. Straight legs in designer jeans are good for women who are shorter, as they can add an illusion of height.

If you have a long waist that you can boast of, wear mid-rise jeans, or regular rise. Avoid the low-rise jeans as they will not suit your body. The contrary is of course true when it comes to women who have a short waist length.

If you have a perfect hour glass figure, the boot cut jeans can be quite flattering. In a pear shaped body, darker color of denim is just right, as they will not accentuate the problem areas. You can also wear sexy heels with your jeans, to give your legs a longer look.

Remember that you can get the most out of your women"s designer jeans if you can choose the right fit that works for you.

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