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Diego Binetti, Fashion Designer

Binetti is known for its innovative, thought provoking designs. Two friends, designer/President Diego Binetti and Vice President Ada Lee institutionalized the Binetti brand in August 2001. Diego Binetti has always been an enthusiast for design and possessed an undeniable talent to create fashion. Diego Binetti of Italian heritage grew up in Buenos Aires watching and assisting his mother, who was a dressmaker. Being exposed to a world of free expression only developed Diego"s passion.

This New York based designer began his career as a fashion stylist, working for Antonio Bordonaro with Bulgari in Milan. Eventually a year later Diego received an opportunity at Jill Stuart. There he developed her empire for four years as head designer; working closely with Isabel Dupre", Beth Blake, Cathy Katherine and Brana Wolf.

Binetti was launched in the summer of August 2002. Immediately the planned launch of Spring/Summer "02 was set for Fall "02 in the Puck Building as a part of the Mercedes Benz Fashion Week. Binetti awed the audience and critics who labeled him as the one to watch. "(WWD). According to Diego Binetti, love is all you need, and he turned out a hippie inspired collection of pretty, hand painted floral caftans and delicate lace bohemian dresses, all with a hipster edge, "WWD September 2007. The Fall/Winter "08 collection, Tableau Vivant (February 1, 2007, Exit Art NYC), From Russia with love, Diego Binetti turned out a charming gypsy inspired collection of bohemian dresses paired with mood coats influenced by courreges, "WWD February 2008.

Binetti has experienced a tremendous amount of success during the course of the growing business. For the past two years Binetti has showcased his collection in Paris, and as well as in London. Globally, Binetti"s agents in London, Japan and the United States are representing his work for sales, marketing and press internationally. His international exposure and growth was recognized by publisher teNeues in 2007. Binetti was featured in the book, The Ultimate New York Design ".

His training and experiences has lead him to produce great works freelancing for Twin Set, creating the new look for Fall/Winter 2006 for the European multi media brand. Binetti recently finished revamping ABACO Paris" Fall/Winter 2007 accessories line in Paris for the brand and Spring/Summer 2008 collection.

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