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Daniel Tribouillard, Fashion Designer

LEONARD, date of creation: 1958

In 1960, Daniel TRIBOUILLARD introduces the first fully fashioned pullovers with print designs and employs a unique new printing process which receives an international patent. In 1968, Daniel TRIBOUILLARD decides to create for LEONARD his first collection of silk jersey garments and in 1970, the first exclusive LEONARD boutique is opened in Paris. In 1975, the first collections of produce under licence are conceived.

In 1983, Japan asks Daniel TRIBOUILLARD to create a line of LEONARD kimonos. After one year, his first collection of kimonos is presented in Japan. The politic of licence is asserted in 1985 and it will enable LEONARD to intensify the mulptiplication of exclusives boutiques all over the world. In 1987, Daniel TRIBOUILLARD buys out the Jacques LEONARD"s Group as well as subsidiary companies and becomes Chairman the same year.

In 1992, the first LEONARD Men"s collection is created. And, in 1994, LEONARD joins the French Couture Federation. The strategy for developing the name LEONARD has been fruitful and the LEONARD Group has doubled the international turnover and two news boutiques are created in Macau and Bangkok in 1997. As of today, LEONARD owns 122 boutiques in the world.

Activities and Brands

Two lines have been elaborated: Women"s and Men"s Ready To Wear.
Small leather goods, glasses, watches, jewels and always silk scarves and ties are created under the name LEONARD.

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