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Christian Louboutin, Fashion Designer

Christian Louboutin (born in 1963 in Paris, France) his interest in shoe design stemmed from his early teenage years. During middle and high school, Louboutin spent many a spare moment sketching his favorite types of shoes. It was during these moments that his shoe passion and hopes were ignited.

Christian Louboutin Inspiration:A creative spark that was to become a Louboutin trademark allegedly came in a flash. One day in 1979, the future designer was walking the streets of Paris. During his walk he noticed a sign in front of the Museum of Oceanic Art warning ladies not to scratch the floor with their expensive shoes. The sign apparently bothered Christian Louboutin, and after pondering the matter he came up with the idea of having compressed bucklers and soles included to remedy the matter.

Christian Louboutin"s Success:Louboutin"s shoes enjoy widespread praise from women around the globe including the elites of Hollywood. Christina Aguilera, Angelina Jolie, Mariah Carey, Britney Spears, Madonna and many others have been seen at high profile events sporting Louboutin"s shoes Christian Louboutin Platform Pump.

1964: Christian Louboutin is born and brought up in Paris"s 12th arrondissement_1975: On the wall of the African and Oceanic art Museum, Louboutin is struck by a strange drawing: a woman"s shoe with a sharp heel, slashed out with a red line_1980 1986: Louboutin"s first job is at the Folies Berg
res, the famous French Music Hall. He follows this apprenticeship by freelancing for Chanel, Yves Saint Laurent, Maud Frizon and other prestigious fashion houses.

Christian Louboutin/orlan pony skin sandal

1989: Louboutin turns to garden design_1992: Creation of the Christian Louboutin brand, and opening of the first boutique in Paris_1994: Opening of the first New York City boutique_1995: For Jean Paul Gaultier, Chloe, Azzaro, Diane Von Furstenberg, Victor & Rolf, Givenchy and Lanvin, Louboutin starts to contribute for couture and ready to wear seasons_1996: Louboutin receives a Fanny Award from the International Fashion Group.

2002: At Yves Saint Laurent"s farewell haute couture show, Louboutin creates a shoe for the finale. Referred to as Christian Louboutin for Yves Saint Laurent Haute Couture 1962 2002, it marks the only time that Saint Laurent associates his name with another designer_2007: Louboutin collaborates with director David Lynch on the exhibition Fetish , which shows sexy one off objects: fetishist shoes, photographed by Lynch.

Christian Louboutin/Spring 2009

2008: New York"s Fashion Institue of Technology pays a tribute to Louboutin, mounting an important retrospective of his work. Later that year, Louboutin is the Star Honoree of the Fashion Group International as well as receiving a second Fanny Award. Today, the Christian Louboutin brand can be found in twelve eponymous boutiques, 46 countries and in world famous department stores like Sak"s, Nieman Marcus, Barney"s, Harvey Nichol"s, Bergdorf Goodman, Joyce, Jeffrey"s Louboutin also continues to create shoes for young and talented designers such as Rodarte and Roland Mouret.

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