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Cassandra Rosenthal, Fashion Designer

An array of designs for today"s self assured, fashion forward woman, Carasan epitomizes American couture, transcending time with its authentic creations. With its one of a kind handmade knits intertwined with the finest furs, pure wools and suede and a line of silk designs, Carasan has impressed the fashion industry with a distinctive brand that can be passed on from generation to generation. The Carasan line includes dresses, sweaters, coats, skirts, suits and evening wear that are sexy, yet feminine, complimenting the natural beauty of all women. The Carasan woman is the soul of a Victorian socialite born into the body of an urban artist.

Terri and Cassandra Rosenthal, a mother daughter design duo launched Carasan in late 2001. A pink haired girl who left Virginia to pursue her dream of becoming a designer and owner of her own company in New York City, Cassandra was only 18 years old when she asked her mother to start a design house with her that would appeal to fashion conscious women of any age. With their trademark designs, Cassandra and Terri"s creations are uniquely and artistically their own. Rejecting trends and fads in favor of its signature look, Carasan has created an incomparable fashion line of quality garments made from materials imported from around the globe.

Hailing from a long line of fashion designers, Terri"s grandmother and Cassandra"s great grand mother, at the turn of the 20th century, designed inaugural gowns for department stores, and often invited Parisian designers to the States, where she would change and alter their works for the American audience. Another great grandmother was a milliner. Terri"s grandmother put a crochet hook and knitting needle in her hand when she was five. Cassandra followed suit and at the early age of eight she began designing her own clothes, later designing unique creations for high school friends.
Today, Cassandra and Terri are independent designers successfully running Carasan"s showroom in a four story townhouse in Brooklyn, NY. A rare talent and business savvy entrepreneur, Cassandra is an honor student at the prestigious Fashion Institute of Technology in New York City. Her vision, work ethic and skill exemplify the entrepreneurial spirit and tenacious effort required to succeed. Cassandra is successfully running a design house with her mother while at the same time mastering the technical business aspects of her trade by staying at the top of her class.

Carasan"s line is available in high end boutiques in New York City, Chicago, Palm Desert and Palm Beach. A participant in the last three seasons of NYC"s Fashion Week and editorial placements in numerous magazines and movies, Carasan is building a buzz in the fashion world and has become a favorite among stylists, models and celebrities.

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