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Brian Kirkby, Fashion Designer

BOUDICCA is the London based design duo, Zowie Broach and Brian Kirkby. BOUDICCA was started in 1997 as a purely
artistic expression showing in art galleries and other exhibition spaces for its first 4 years until in 2001 BOUDICCA was
invited by the British Fashion Council to present officially during London fashion week.

BOUDICCA is named after the ancient revolutionary queen from approximately 60AD who fought the Romans ferociously
and burnt London to the ground. Still today archeologists refer to a red layer underneath London as the BOUDICCA layer
and a romantic Thornycroft vision, a grand statue, of Queen Boudicca (AKA Boadicea) and her daughters sits outside the
Houses of Parliament.

BOUDICCA is a design house respected for its integrity, depth of design and attention to detail. BOUDICCA offers collections
that are deeply researched and designed while beautifully executed in the finest European fabrics, all with serious attention
to the fit and finish of each garment. These are garments that are to be worn for a lifetime and are produced in limited
quantities, allowing the wearer to feel a high level of exclusivity in what she owns. BOUDICCA is anti mass. There is a
masculine/feminine tension in its work that makes each BOUDICCA collection innately feminine yet appealingly
androgynous at times through superbly constructed tailoring.

BOUDICCA has always been involved in the arts, giving regular talks at the Tate Modern in London, as well as having
collaborated on projects with artists such a Gillian Wearing, architect David Adjaye and film director Mike Figgis. In 2007
BOUDICCA was invited to design the Christmas tree at the Victoria & Albert Museum, a highly respected privilege among
British designers. Recent exhibitions in 2008 include BOUDICCA outfits in "Skin & Bones" at Somerset House and "Fashion
& Sport" at the Victoria & Albert museum in London.

BOUDICCA was the first Independent British fashion house to be officially invited to become a guest member of Haute
Couture in Paris and showed its first Haute Couture collection in January 2007 to rave reviews. This was an incredible
moment of recognition for BOUDICCA"s work and journey over the past decade to develop and hone its skills as true tailors
and designers on a couture level. Its second Haute Couture collection shown in Paris in January 2008 secured
BOUDICCA"s position as a valuable contributor to the highest echelon of fashion and led the way to further explore the "art of
dress", the space between Haute Couture and Ready to Wear.

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