Fall 2012 Trend Report

Baroque Brocade

Elaborate brocades and opulent embroidered details were just some of the lavish elements that made up the Baroque inspired looks that infiltrated the runways of Dolce Gabbana, Balmain, Ralph Lauren, Balmain, Valentino and more.

1. Dolce Gabbana

Baroque Brocade

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At Dolce Gabbana, the runway was filled with glittering gold trim and lavish brocades drawn from Sicilian religious traditions.


2. Valentino

Baroque Brocade

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Ornate baroque flourishes exuded old world style with a modern flair at Valentino.


3. Dolce Gabbana

Baroque Brocade

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At Dolce Gabanna delicate lace combined with lavish embellishment exuded a Renaissance spirit.


4. Ralph Lauren

Baroque Brocade

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Delicate gold filigree draws on Eastern references to add glitttering dimension to jackets at Ralph Lauren.


5. Balmain

Baroque Brocade

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Intricate details and elaborate embellishment were featured at Balmain.


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