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Anne Marie Beretta, Fashion Designer

Style in the name of Beretta A refined art : the architect of fashion Not only do I dress the body, I also dress the soul. I like the essential garment. It is mainly based on overclothes the architecture of which seems to me paramount. Cloaks and raincoats, inside out sheepskins, reefers and jackets represent the most famous expression of my style. I"m looking for the right balance, giving a personal touch to every single garment even when it regards trapezoidal cuff straps. The wide raglan or kimono like sleeves. Edge to edge linings in cotton or other yarns. The leather braid stitched on the coats. Press studs have widely been used in couture accessories since but still are the marks made by Beretta. Beretta side path

1985 La Mode en Direct: an exhibition at the Centre Pompidou.
1986 Anne Marie Beretta is promoted to the grade of Chevalier des Arts et des Lettres.
1989 The first plate from the Service Brise.
1990 Saint Eustache"s Crib : Anne Marie Beretta carved out of clay a crib for the 350th anniversary of his history laden church.
November 1995 Exhibition of her paintings at Eric de Montbel"s gallery.
September 1996 Exhibition of her tableware creation, Scenes d"Interieur.
November 1997 Exhibition of her tableware creation, Recevoir.

Her most outstanding creations
Anne Marie Beretta means :
Camouflage cloth garments, winter 69 70
Ample armhole sleeves, winter 71 72
Chinese fashioned dress, Mao suit, spring 75
The pareo, winter 76 77
Elbow shaped sleeves and asymmetric drapings,
winter 79 80
Wide waisted Chinese overalls, spring 80
Knee shaped trousers, winter 80 81
Free panelled scaffoldings, spring 81
The poncho, winter 81 82
Shields looking belts, spring 82
Coiled in upon themselves dresses, winter 82 83
Pareo skirts, snap hooks, spring 83
The umbilical cord like draping, winter 83 84
The jupe couettes : draped from within, winter
84 85
The cornet skirts, spring 85
The whaleboned tailor suit, winter 85 86
The sarongs, the gypsum flowers, spring 86
The peau de peche

, winter 86 87
The coup de vent dress, winter 87 88
The draped cloaks, winter 88 89
The gigantic pipings, spring 89
The skirt like underpants, winter 90 91
The pareo like overalls, winter 91 92
The double dress, spring 92
The skirt with a tail, winter 92 93
The wild coat, the coat with folded linings as in
fine leather craft, winter 93 94
The full lining cardigan, winter 94 95
The rivet fastened dress, spring 95
The scarf necked raincoat, spring 96
The capes and the mandarin coats, 96 97
The culottes, spring 97
The double sleeves, the quill shaped back jacket,
winter 97 98

In 1985, Anne Marie Beretta launched the peau de
peche (peach like complexion) a material imported
from Japan by JL de Ball which brought about
sea changes in the conception of raincoats.
Women"s ready to wear, men"s ready to wear,

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