Anatomy Of Outerwear

They"re the clothing you wear the most when it"s cold outside, and they"re one of the larger clothing investments that you"ll make: They"re your coats, and when you shop for outerwear, you"ll want to know just what to look for. This women"s coat buying guide will show you what to look for when you are buying coats, which coats you"ll want to have in your closet and which coats will be flattering on you.
Everyday Women"s Coats:

Leather coats: For durability, leather coats can"t be beat. For a chic look, choose a leather coat that is long or that fits closely to your body. For a more rugged look, shop for a coat made of distressed leather or one with fun details, like a hood.
Wool coats: Most women"s coats are made of wool because it"s warm and durable, and wool doesn"t absorb moisture very quickly. Wool coats are available in many styles and colors. Choose a neutral color if you need it to go with a lot of different colors in your wardrobe. Or if you wear a lot of neutral clothing every day, you can add a punch of color with a wool coat in something bright, like red.
Women"s Raincoats:

Trenchcoats: You won"t even mind the rain or wearing a raincoat when you have this outerwear classic in your closet. The belted waist on trench coats makes them flattering on any woman, and many women"s trenchcoats have been treated to repel water.
Cotton coats: Many women"s trenchcoats are made of cotton, and cotton coats in other styles can also work well in the rain. For extra protection from the elements, choose a raincoat that is at least thigh length or knee length.
Women"s Evening Coats:

Faux fur coats: For a luxurious feel, try soft faux fur coats. A faux fur coat in an animal print can give your evening outfit a classic, vintage inspired look.
Wool blend coats: Wool coats always look classy, and a long style (at least knee length) will look great over a dress. For a little bit more glamour, look for a wool coat with cashmere blended in to the fabric.
Women"s Weekend Coats:

Suede coats: Suede coats and shearling coats can have the dressed up feeling of leather coats, but the styles are often a bit more casual, making them a good coat to choose for weekend wear. Remember that water can stain suede, so you may not want to wear a suede coat in the rain or snow unless you apply a protective treatment first.
Parkas: Parkas often have a sporty feeling, a look that is perfect for the weekend. You"ll see parkas in many different colors; you don"t need to worry so much about coordinating colors when you"re relaxing, so you can just choose one that you like. When you"re considering the length to choose, remember that long women"s coats will be warmer while shorter women"s outerwear will feel the most casual. Consult the Women"s Measurement Guide to be sure you get the correct size, too.
Tips from

When it"s not quite cold enough for your coats, jackets and blazers are the perfect alternatives. Warm enough to wear on a slightly brisk day and lightweight enough to layer under your coats on the coldest days, jackets and blazers are something no woman"s wardrobe should be without.
If it"s cold enough to need a coat, then it"s probably also cold enough for scarves and gloves. You"ll find the scarves and gloves to wear with your new women"s outerwear when you"re shopping online on
It"s important to keep your feet warm in wintry weather, and that"s no problem when you can shop on for boots from the brand names that you love. We have cozy boots in the latest styles, and we have them all at low, discount prices.


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