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There are many different types of hangers to suit your needs. Whether you"re looking to stock a major department store or your own closet, you may wonder which type of hanger will be the right choice for you. There are wooden hangers, metal hangers, plastic hangers, Glam Hangers, satin hangers and slim-line hangers. We"ll tell you the differences between them all so that you can make the right choice.
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The highest quality most beautiful hanger is the wooden hanger. Natural wooden hangers are classically beautiful and very durable. For a more sophisticated feel, you might choose a darker wooden hanger, such as walnut. Wooden hangers also come in basic black and white, which can add a contemporary feel to your closet without sacrificing quality. Bamboo hangers have beautiful wood grain and can really stand out on the rack or in your closet. Cedar hangers have a gentle scent that keeps your closet smelling fresh and deters pests from coming near your clothing. If you"re stocking a retail store or hotel with wooden hangers, you might consider anti-theft hangers to keep cost down and lower the risk of losing out on your investment.

If you"re looking for something a little less bulky, don"t think that you have to resort to those outdated wire hangers. Metal hangers are now available in a thicker gauge than the old wire hangers. They are extremely durable without that tacky twist in the center to snag your delicate fabrics. In fact, metal hangers now come with a vinyl coating to protect your fabrics instead of putting them in danger of a snag. There are all kinds of attractive and useful styles available, including the beautiful scrolled Decorative Metal Hangers. Metal hangers are great at saving space and keeping things simply organized.

Plastic hangers are very popular in retail stores, but are also very useful in your home closets. Available in clear, black or white, plastic hangers are sure to look nicely uniform on the rack or rod. Plastic hangers today are very strong and durable, as well as affordable. Their width keeps clothes from creasing at the top and slots work very well on garments with straps. Plastic Shaper Hangers are designed to mimic the shape of shoulders. They help your clothes hang correctly in the closet. They don"t create a hanger wrinkle on each shoulder like some hangers can. Shaper Hangers are a great choice for home or a retail store if you want your clothing to stay wrinkle free and ready to wear.
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Glamhangers are the ultimate in hanger indulgence. Beaded and decorated, they are the most sought after hanger in the world. Celebrities, children and fun-loving adults all love these Glamhangers. Glamhangers are exceptionally effective when you want to make a statement, especially in a boutique or when giving hangers as a gift.

Another great boutique and specialty retailer hanger is the satin hanger. Exceptional at displaying fine garments, satin hangers are the safest clothes hanger to hang delicate fabrics. They add a feminine touch to your closet at home as well. There really isn"t a more beautiful way to display your fine clothing.

The last type of hanger we"ll talk about here is the Slim-Line Hanger. This hanger is molded plastic, but is truly unique. It is designed to curve down at the shoulders and keep your clothing looking freshly pressed. The unique slim-line shape is one on quarter of an inch thick and takes up very little space. Extremely durable and beautiful, this exciting development is taking the hanger world by storm. They are the most attractive plastic clothes hangers ever made!

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