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Agnes Trouble, Fashion Designer

Agnes Trouble known simply as agnes b. in the fashion world, is a keen observer of life from which she draws inspiration as the sole designer for her collections for women, men, children, sport b., and Voyage, as well as a cosmetics line. She has often taken inspiration for her collections from everyday life, believing that the clothes are "less important" than the person wearing them, and she has created a trademark style that is modern and pure, elegant but not conventional, and that has seduced people all around the world. For over 25 years now, wearing agnes b. has become akin to the expression of one"s character. As a designer, agnes still has time for her other passions as a photographer, film producer and an avid collector as well as a supporter of the arts.

With over 115 boutiques around the world, agnes b. remains a family owned company that has grown in tune with the times, instinctively and far from the spectacle of fashion runways and without advertising. agnes b. opened her first US store in New York in 1981, and has expanded her US presence to include Boston, Chicago, Los Angeles, San Francisco, and three additional stores in New York. agnes b."s fashions, her art gallery and current events are also presented on her website at

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