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Adeline Andre, Fashion Designer

Adeline Andre is born in Bangui, French Equatorial Africa, where her family mined gold and diamonds. Although Parisian, she has Scottish roots and is the great grand daugther of the consructor of the first railway of Egypt which links up Cairo to Luxor.

During her adolescence she dreamt of becoming a fashion photographer and left for London. Returning to Paris she enrolled in the Ecole de la Chambre Syndicale de la Couture Parisienne "

(School of the Syndicate Chamber of Parisian Couture). She took fine art lessons given by Salvador Dali at the Meurice Hotel and entered in 1970 at Christian Dior working next to Marc Bohan as an assistant for the Haute Couture collections.

1981 she met Stevan Dohar, a Hungarian architect and with the financial help of their friend Nicolas Puech Hermes they decided to launch ADELINE ANDRE. August 27th of the same year Adeline Andre registrated the original pattern of her first three sleeve hole garment at the I.N.P.I. (National Institute of Industrial Property) in Paris and February 26th 1982 at the W.I.P.O. (World Intellectual Property Organization) in Geneva. Among other works three sleeve hole garments are also part of museum collections such as the French Fashion Museum in Paris, the F.I.T. (Fashion Institute of Technology) in New York and recently the new Fashion Museum in Lisbon.

Adeline"s first show a ready to wear collection for Fall Winter 83/84 was held at the Daniel Templon Gallery in Paris March 16th 1983. Staged within a grand painting set by Gerard Garouste the guests, wearing the garments, posed for giant Polaroid shots. The label ADELINE ANDRE has been officially registrated in Paris November 15th1983.

Up until March 1987 Adeline Andre presented her collections in places that had never before been used for fashion shows, the Cour Vitree "of the National School of Fine Arts at Rue Bonaparte, the Grand Salon "of the International Conferences Center at Avenue Kleber (where the treaty of Paris was signed putting an end to the Vietnam war) for examples.

In these places she showed her collections on models such as Dovanna, Anh Duong, Terry Toye, Angela Wild and Eugenie Vincent whom she asked to mingle among the guests, creating this way a calm and intimate atmosphere as opposed to the stage shows of the time.

During the furore of shoulder paddings and stretch in the fashion world, Adeline Andre"s proposal were already tall and slender shapes with slight and svelte shoulders in fluid, bias cut materials such as silk crepe and satin, wool and cotton satin, fine wool and cashmere cloth always dyed according to her personal colour range. In those years, journalists compared her work to Haute Couture, however, at the same time Adeline Andre presented notably knits with rolled hems, a detail that since has become seminal.

The following years Adeline Andre concentrated on creating collections exclusively for her private clientele, male and female, for whom she produced new bespoken designs, displayed for the first time at parties called Topofwear ", travelling private shows in galleries, ateliers or the salons of her friends in either Paris, London and New York.

1994 Adeline Andre setteled 5 Rue Villehardouin in the Marais, the old Paris quarter near Place des Vosges, where she presented since July 1995, each season, a collection named Nouvelle Couture ".

May 1997 Adeline Andre became an invited member of the Syndicate Chamber of Parisian Couture. For the first time, as officially part of the Haute Couture shows organized by the Syndicate Chamber she presented her Fall Winter 97/98 Couture collection July 7th at the Cartier Foundation for Contemporary Art at Boulevard Raspail.

1997 December 11th Adeline Andre was appointed Officier de l"Ordre des Arts et des Lettres "by the French Ministry of Culture and Communication.

1998 January 19th Spring Summer 98 Couture collection presentation at the tipi "of the Georges Pompidou Center.

March 1998 the consulting Commission for artistic creation in charge of acquisitions of art works for the French National Funds of Contemporairy Art (F.N.A.C.) expressed its favourable opinion to acquire the dress ní18 (double long dress in flesh tone silk crepe georgette, covered with 24 carat gold leaf layers) of her Fall Winter 97/98 Couture collection. First acquisition of a dress designed and produced by a living couturier fashion designer ever realized within its context of acquiring contemporairy art work.

1998 July 19th Fall Winter 98/99 Couture collection presentation in the tipi "of the Georges Pompidou Center.

1998 costume designs for the theatre play by Alfredo Arias Aimer sa mere "performed by Marilu Marini, sets by Annette Messager. Opening nigth November 17th at the MC 93 Theatre in Bobigny.

1999 January 17th Spring Summer 99 Couture collection presentation at Paul Steinitz"s Studio Rue de Varenne.

1999 July18th Fall Winter 99/2000 Couture collection presentation in the Maillol Museum courtyard Rue de Grenelle.

2000 January 16th Spring Summer 2000 Couture collection presentation at Paul Steinitz"s Studio Rue de Varenne.

2000 July 9th Fall Winter 2000/2001 Couture collection presentation in the gardens next Rue Villehardouin.

2001 January 21st Spring Summer 2001 Couture collection presentation at Patricia Dorfmann Gallery Rue de laVerrerie.

2001 February 25th costume designs for the Wolfgang A. Mozart opera Lucio Silla "directed by Jean Marc Bory, sets by Mattia Bonetti. A production of the Opera House of Lausanne in Switzerland and the Caen Theatre.

2001 July 8th Fall Winter 2001/2002 Couture collection presentation at Hotel de Bondeville Rue des Haudriettes.

2002 January 20th Spring Summer 2002 Couture collection presentation at Anne de Villepoix Gallery Rue de Montmorency.

2002 July 8th Fall Winter 2002/2003 Couture collection presentation at SpringCourt Factory Passage Piver.

2003 January 20th Spring Summer 2003 Couture collection presentation at Anne de Villepoix Gallery Rue de Montmorency.

2003 July 7th Fall Winter 2003/2004 Couture collection presentation at Studio 58 Rue Charlot.

2004 January 19th Spring Summer 2004 Couture collection presentation at UCAD Museum in the Louvre.

2004 June 17th to July 24th Exposition Adeline Andre meets Marie Victoire Poliakoff "at Marie Victoire Poliakoff Gallery Rue de Seine.

2004 July 6th Fall Winter 2003/2004 Couture collection presentation at Hotel Liberal Bruand Rue de la Perle.

2005 January 4th the French Ministry of industry awarded Adeline Andre with the Haute Couture Label.

2005 January 24th Spring Summer 2005 Haute Couture collection presentation at Hotel Liberal Bruand.

2005 May 17th costume designs for Set and Reset, Reset a ballet by Trisha Brown premiered at the Lyon Opera.

2005 July 7th Fall Winter 2005/2006 Couture collection presentation at Hotel Liberal Bruand Rue de la Perle.

2005 December 14th ADELINE ANDRE changes into ADELINE ANDRE S.A.

2006 January 23rd Spring Summer 2006 Haute Couture collection presentation at Hotel Liberal Bruand.

2006 January 23rd to March 9th Fall Winter 2006 Ready to Wear collection presentation at Hotel Liberal Bruand to the buyers and the press.

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Adeline Andre Haute Couture Collection
Adeline Andre Ready to Wear Collection
Adeline Andre Made to Measure Men"s Collection

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